Special Events


KidZania Surabaya provides various options to celebrate your birthday in a unique and memorable way.

Birthday at KidZania Surabaya

Special Events

KidZania Surabaya is the perfect place to celebrate special moments in your life. We offer a variety of services for a variety of special events that will make your day unforgettable.



For kids, we offer birthday packages that include access to all KidZania activities, a delicious birthday cake, special decorations and surprise gifts. Let your child celebrate their birthday by being whatever they want at KidZania!



It's not just children who can celebrate birthdays at KidZania! We also have birthday packages for adults. You can throw a unique birthday party by role-playing as a chef, musician, or other dream profession. Include delicious food and drinks to celebrate your special day.


Sweet Seventeen

Adolescence is a special time, and KidZania Surabaya can make your sweet seventeen an unforgettable event. Discover entertaining and unique simulation roles and enjoy a special party with your friends.



KidZania Surabaya is a unique and interesting place to hold your engagement event. You can hold an engagement event full of surprises amidst the cheerful atmosphere at KidZania. Let this experience be a memorable start to your wedding journey.


Wedding Events

KidZania Surabaya also provides facilities for holding weddings. You can celebrate your wedding at this unique and charming location. We can host beautiful wedding ceremonies and entertaining receptions.


Wedding Anniversary

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or other special celebration moment, KidZania Surabaya is the right place. Enjoy role-playing, delicious food and warm celebrations with family and friends. Contact us for more information about how KidZania Surabaya can help you celebrate special moments in your life. We will work with you to make your event an unforgettable memory.


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