Our Concept

Get Ready for a Better World!

Once upon a time children dreamed of a better world without adults. They decided to create a nation full of opportunities, where children can make decisions and take responsibility for all their actions. This is where children can think and act independently.

Children dream of the realization of an ideal world, which is a place that children crave so much, which is the starting point for the creation of KidZania.


At KidZania children have the right to fulfill their wishes, among others, the right to:

To Be

To Be


The power to make their own choices, to be unique and free in the relationship between human beings. This right is based on the eternal notion of freedom: The power to act, speak and think as an individual without restrictions.

To Be

To Know

Curiosity and desire for experimentation when learning independently. This right demand access to insight and an open mind for the attainment of knowledge and experience, a challenge to be always ready.


To Create

To Create

Loves to innovate, to dream new things. This is the original mindset for designing effective and valuable projects, presenting new solutions to human problems with natural and useful thoughts.

to share

To Share

This right fosters strong trust and ethics, a willingness to cooperate, to work in ways rarely imagined, to form a spirit based on the principle of mutual giving.

to care

To Care


The responsibility to support each other and be proactive to the environment. This right is the basis of a commitment based on awareness and involvement in the welfare and protection of nature.

to play

To Play

The ability to make life fun in it. This right is based on the right to enjoy life, to devote energy and time to a pleasant and complementary life journey.






KidZania is an interactive and unique 'kid-size' city made for children ages 2-16 years old that combines fun and learning through realistic role-play.


KidZania Surabaya is located at Lagoon Mall Avenue Sungkono, as known as Lave Mall, with 4.500m² area with45 establishments and hundreds of activities.


At KidZania, children have the opportunity of having adult-like experiences while assuming the role of doctor, firemen, construction workers, police officers, and among others.


Currently operates 30 facilities all over the world, such as Mexico (Santa Fe, Monterrey, Cuicuilco, Guadalajara), Japan (Tokyo and Koshien), Indonesia (Jakarta), Portugal (Lisbon), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), South Korea (Seoul & Busan), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Chile (Santiago), Thailand (Bangkok), India (Mumbai & Delhi), Kuwait (Kuwait), Philippines (Manila), Egypt (Cairo), Turkey (Istanbul), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Brazil (Sao Paulo), United Kingdom (London), Costa Rica, Russia (Moscow), Qatar (Doha), Indonesia (Surabaya), Canada (Toronto), France (Paris), Japan (Nagoya), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), South Africa (Johannesburg), UAE (Abu Dhabi), USA (Chicago, Dallas & New York), and Egypt (Giza) and many more to come!


Let's develop children's potential for a better world with KidZania Surabaya!