Safety & Security

KidZania concerns about the security of citiZens, tourists and workers. KidZania continues to strive in providing security and safety beyond standard.




Additional security is provided in the form of CCTV that monitors and records activities at KidZania.


Customs & Immigration

There is a security zone that must be passed to be able to enter and exit KidZania. All bags, as well as the identity of visitors are checked to ensure all visitors are registered, especially children who come within group.


Identification Bracelet
All registered KidZania visitors will get an identification bracelet attached to their wrist. This bracelet is a special tool that functions as a tracker that can ease visitor in finding each other's location. This bracelet is also a protector for young visitors, especially to prevent them to leave KidZania without their companion.


Safety Planning
The city of KidZania is carefully designed and take a great consideration in ensuring safety and security which includes exits and emergency signs, ambulance access, first aid locations, and placement of fire extinguishers.


Security officer
A trained and uniformed security officers are stationed in KidZania to monitor and maintain the security of the city and all the people inside.


Safety Materials

The material used in the city of KidZania is a safe material for visitors, especially children. Frequently visited areas are always under surveillance, especially from the use of sharp objects, as well as materials that cause allergic reactions.



Supervised Access
Visiting KidZania requires flight tickets and supervision. Visitors must go through the CCTV monitored area which is guarded by security personnel. There are officers who check all bags and verify the identity of visitors to ensure the safety of visitors, especially children.