Police Station & CSI

Icon_ubspolice Police Station & CSI


There's a robbery at a Gold Shop!
You should go to the crime scene immediately! Collect evidence, go back to the office, then analyze all of the evidence to solve the case.


KidZania city needs a hero!
We are looking for an Officer who will keep the city safe. You will help control the crowd in the event of a fire in a nearby building. You will also investigate and solve a case to find the suspect.

Police Station & CSI


Recommended Age: 7+ years old

Duration: 20-25 minutes

Skills & Value: Critical thinking, Motor skills, Collaboration, Communication & Responsibility

Economy: +15 kidZos

Industry Partners: UBS



Visitor Role: Crowd Control

Crowd Control


Visitor Role: Forensic Investigator

Forensic Investigator