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Medicine cures diseases, but only a doctor can cure a patient.
KidZania Hospital is looking for a kool doctor. Let's sign up!
Choose the role you want to be.

As a Surgeon, you will perform different types of surgery on a dummy.

As a Paramedic, you will learn about first aid, perform health checks on patients, and the koolest thing is that you can help and pickup an injured person in the ambulance!

As a Nurse or Baby Caretaker, you will learn how to take care of newborn babies.

As an Intern, you will play the role of  a person with disability to understand their feelings and needs to increase your empathy for them.

Trust me, you will learn a lot here!



Recommended Age: 7+ years old

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills & Value: Critical Thinking, Motor Skills, Collaboration, Communication, Responsibility & Emphaty

Economy: Paramedic +15 kidZos, Surgeon +20 kidZos, Nurse +15 kidZos & Interns +15 kidZos


Visitor Role: Paramedic



Visitor Role: Surgeon



Visitor Role: Nurse/Baby Caretaker

Nurse/Baby Caretaker


Visitor Role: Intern/Student